Portugal Golden Visa 2022

Is it possible to invest in Lisbon real estate, Porto or Algarve and get the Portugal Golden Visa?

Yes! You can!

Commercial properties in Lisbon, Porto and Algarve, such as hotels, touristic apartments, offices, retail, and shops remain permissible as a qualified Portugal Golden Visa Investment under the new rules in effect from January 2022. There is a lot that does not change with these new rules. You may read our coverage on this topic here

If you are looking to make an investment that gives a running yield or annual return, along with buyback options, do reach out to us for live options. Most investments until 2021 have been into similar commercial projects. So the new rules should not stop you from realizing your dreams! Visit Portugal Golden Visa Properties to view current projects open to investors.

We can connect you directly with leading real estate developers in Portugal for a confidential discussion that can help you evaluate all the options before you make a decision.

What if I want to invest in residential properties in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve and still qualify for the Portugal Golden Visa?  

Most articles on the internet will tell you that it is no longer possible. However, we have good news for you!

There is a “structured solution” that can allow you to invest in a residential property in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve of your choice, and be eligible for receiving a Golden Visa for yourself and your dependents. This solution however requires that you invest a minimum of EUR 500,000 to be eligible. This may be split in two or more eligible options but the combined investment from the investor needs to be a minimum of EUR 500,000, the same threshold that existed for acquiring prime residential properties in these regions until 2021. The best part is that the structured solution that we are talking about comes with a potential to earn annual return and can be tax efficient.

You may obtain an independent legal opinion from reputed law firms in Portugal which should get you comfort on the eligibility of the investment property as well as the transaction structure under the Golden Visa program. We can also help you connect with reputed law firms so that you can hear about the program directly from the firms that will handle your process.

If you are interested in applying for Portugal Golden Visa in 2023, and prefer to acquire a residential real estate in Lisbon, Porto or Algarve, talk to us! Our consultation is free of charge with no strings attached! We only request, genuine & interested investors to avail this opportunity! Book a Free Consultation on our website.

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