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My Golden Pass is a boutique Investment Advisory and leading Golden Visa Consultancy, with offices in Dubai – UAE, Mumbai – India and Lisbon – Portugal. We specialize in Investment Migration, including Citizenship by Investment and Golden Visa programs, as well as immigration on Startup visa or Entrepreneur visa.

We are a borderless service provider, serving a diverse clientele across the globe. We have been trusted by our clients in the US, Canada, Middle East, India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

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Investment Migration

We offer complete Investment Migration advisory, providing detailed insight into the requirements & benefits of the various Golden Visa programs, as well as investment options ranging from diverse Golden visa properties to Golden visa funds.

We also assist our clients to open overseas bank account, international money transfers & remittances, and to obtain necessary documentation required for the Golden Visa or Investor Visa.

We understand that Investment Migration is a life changing decision and involves sizeable resources. We want to be your trusted partner in this journey.

We work in close collaboration with reputed immigration law firms in various countries so that our clients receive solid legal advice and legitimate legal representation in the respective country of immigration. In addition to providing quality legal advice through our legal partners, we offer our clients access to the best investment options available for the Golden Visa programs.

For our clients interested in Business Migration, in addition to providing Company incorporation & Compliance advisory, we provide value added services such as preparing business plans, financial models and projections that are required as part of the startup visa or the entrepreneur visa process.

Investment Advisory

As a specialized Investment Advisory firm, My Golden Pass offers its clients access to wide range of investment options in Europe, UK, UAE and the US. We work closely with top real estate developers, and investment funds in these countries. Our clients invest in assets ranging from prime yielding commercial properties, residential properties, and high-end development projects. Investment amount typically begins from USD 50,000. It is also possible to invest in real estate funds that provide diversified exposure to real estate projects within a pre-defined segment. One may also invest in venture capital funds which are higher in the risk spectrum, but with potential to be compensated via a significantly higher return.

We are committed to being a transparent and insightful service provider. We do not charge any fee for initial consultation, which will help you evaluate your options. Click here to book a free consultation now.


Making the choice easy, Our most popular programs to suit your requirements

Portugal’s Golden Visa program


Portugal’s Golden Visa program is a 5-year residency-by-investment program which can translate into citizenship for investors and eligible dependents.


Greece Golden Visa grants 5-year, renewable residency rights & visa-free travel across Schengen to its holders. Investment starting EUR 250,000.


Citizenship-by-investment program of Turkey. Investment starting USD 400,000. Turkish passport within 6 months without residency or language test.

UK Innovator Visa


UK Innovator Visa provides entrepreneurs and businessmen a low-cost pathway to permanent residence in the UK and eventually citizenship

Ideal alternative to Canada’s express entry route which has effectively remained shut for most foreign workers since the pandemic. Canadian PR in 18 to 24 months.

Portugal’s Golden Visa program

Portugal’s entrepreneur or D2 visa allows individuals to operate their business from Portugal. After 5 years, investors can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

What is Investment Migration?

Investment migration offers an efficient pathway to high net worth individuals (HNI) and families, to legitimately obtain and secure residency rights, or even citizenship of another country. Residency rights and passport from a stable country, provides right to employment & right to work or start a business in the country of investment. One can also benefit from improved access to healthcare, primary & higher education, pension benefits, along with visa-free mobility around the world. Invest and Get Citizenship or Residence of your preferred country!

Reach out to us for a private, confidential and free consultation to learn more about various Golden visa programs & Business Migration options and how we can help you realize your dream.

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