About Us

My Golden Pass is a registered trademark in the field of Financial Affairs, Real Estate Affairs, Consultancy related to online financial transactions, and expertise in Financial Risk Management.

My Golden Pass provides high net worth investors access to various Immigration by Investment programs (popularly referred to as the Golden Visa programs or Citizenship by Investment) and Business migration programs (such as Entrepreneur visa or Start-up visa).

My Golden Pass offers a comprehensive consultancy service that covers every aspect of the investment & migration process. We provide a detailed overview and analysis of investment opportunities, address all investor queries, assist with opening overseas bank accounts, and offer guidance on KYC and immigration-related documentation. Moreover, we offer insights into international remittance & taxation. Throughout the Golden Visa application process, we stand alongside our clients, ensuring seamless support.

In Portugal, we directly work with regulated private equity and venture capital funds that qualify under the Golden Visa program. Our network includes law firms specializing in foreign investment and immigration practices. Choosing the right immigration lawyer is crucial, and our clients benefit from our extensive experience in this field.

In Turkey, we collaborate directly with reputable real estate developers, having personally visited and vetted the projects we market. Our network includes Turkish law firms to assist investors with property diligence, deed registrations, and Residency or Citizenship applications.

For Caribbean countries and North Macedonia, we operate as a licensed sub-agent.

In Greece, US, Spain, UK, and Canada, our immigration services are facilitated through our network of trusted business partners, reputable real estate developers, & expert law firms in each respective country.

We offer a free initial consultation for clients who complete our KYC protocols, emphasizing our commitment to providing efficient services and optimal solutions that prove cost-effective for our clients.

My Golden Pass is a boutique investment migration advisory firm. Your case will be handled directly by the Partners of the firm. We have strong experience in underwriting complex financial investments and international banking. Most firms in the market today will boast of investments having a “guaranteed” buyback of the investment after a few years. Ask us how to evaluate various such “guaranteed” investments.

We offer Free Consultation to qualifying investors who complete our KYC protocols. If you are eligible for Free Consultation, there are no hidden fees associated with it.

Prior to committing to our services, you will be informed about costs involved with all the programs, including advisory & facilitation fees (if applicable) to your case. This transparent approach ensures there are no unexpected surprises. You retain the right to walk away after the initial consultation with no obligations or commitments.

Yes, My Golden Pass is a registered Corporate Service Provider, working with various Emirates in the UAE. We can help you incorporate your Company from the comfort of your home and address any queries related to this incorporation.

Yes, My Golden Pass can help with you Company incorporation in Portugal, and necessary registrations. This service is provided together with the D2 or D7 visa advisory, through our legal partners in Portugal.

Our business is built on the ethos of trust, respect and privacy. Our engagement will be strictly confidential and private. For more details, please refer to our privacy policy.

We aim to provide you with all the information & analysis pertaining to various investment programs and the underlying investments. However, we do not claim to be a registered investment advisor or a tax advisor. If you require, you should consult your own financial advisor or a tax advisor before making an investment decision.

Please appreciate that granting a residency visa or citizenship is always a sovereign decision. No 3rd party has the right or the ability to guarantee success. We work with partners that have processed high volume of applications with close to perfect track record.

Program Related

Residency rights usually mean the right to live and work in a particular country. Citizenship usually includes all rights that an ordinary citizen of the particular country enjoys, such as right to vote, right to hold government office, government jobs, and other benefits (such as healthcare, subsidies and so on). Before you choose a particular investment immigration program, it is important to understand the benefits that you and your family can enjoy as a resident or as a citizen of the destination country.

Most of the countries that offer citizenship by investment permit dual citizenship, that is, one does not have to surrender present citizenship in order to become citizen of the destination country. However, some countries, like India, do not permit dual citizenship. If you are an Indian passport holder, you are required to renounce Indian citizenship and obtain an OCI (Overseas Citizen of India). An OCI is a type of a residence permit that allows people of Indian origin to live and work in India.

All investments are subject to credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk and operational risk. All of these investments are subject to loss of interest/ dividend yield as well as losses on original capital invested. We can explain you the different investment options available so that you can understand the risk associated with each of them and decide upon an option in accordance with your appetite.

Most investment migration programs require investors to invest their self-owned funds. Borrowing in the destination country for the purpose of making this investment will not be accepted. However, depending on individual situation, it may be possible to borrow in the country of origin or from private banks overseas, and invest these proceeds in the investment migration program of the destination country. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss this option.

Subject to the risks mentioned hereinabove, investment programs typically allow the investor to sell the investment after a lock-in period (ranging from 3 – 7 years). Depending on the extant capital control rules for the particular country where the investment was held, the original investment proceeds + capital gains (if any) can then be repatriated outside to the investor’s country of origin or any other country.

As per extant RBI rules, resident Indians are permitted to remit up to USD 250,000 each financial year, including for capital account transactions such as

  • Opening, holding and maintaining a foreign currency account abroad with a bank
  • Acquisition of real estate
  • Investment in equity, shares, debt instruments, venture capital funds etc

All programs that we have on our website allows spouse and dependent children to be eligible for residency and citizenship along with the primary applicant. Some programs even allow parents to be included in the application.

Yes, if children obtain resident status or citizenship along with the primary applicant, then they are permitted to attend school and college in the destination country.

Yes, once you and your spouse obtain resident status or citizenship, you will eligible for employment or to start your own business in the destination country.

Taxation is a complex subject. It will depend on the instrument you have invested in and the taxation rules in the destination country for the specific instrument. It will also depend on your tax residency status, as well as double taxation avoidance agreement between the origin country and destination country. While we can point you to relevant provisions, we highly recommend that you consult a professional tax advisor to understand the tax implications for your specific case.