Portugal emerging as one of the most favored destination to immigrate post Covid

Hear from the people who decided to immigrate to Portugal in search of a better life.

Courtesy: Helen Zhao, CNBC, Grow, Acorns

Interesting statistics from the video
– Number of Americans moving to Portugal in 2021, doubled from 3 years earlier
– India is the 4th most represented country among foreign citizens in Portugal
– Number of foreign citizens living in Portugal is at an all-time high (at about 7% of the population)
– 33% of start-up founders from 2015 to 2020 are foreigners

Increasingly viewed as the ‘Destination to start-over’ rather than the ‘Destination to retire’.

Unfortunately, some of this also affects the local population by way of higher rents, rise in living costs and some of the locals having to leave their home country in search of overseas jobs.

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