Portugal Golden Visa Funds

We provide below list of Portugal Golden Visa funds that are currently open to subscription. Majority of our Golden Visa investors aim to invest in funds in order to reduce their investment risk. We mainly focus on funds that have a defensive investment strategy, that aims to return capital invested, with acceptable level of risk and return. For the more enterprising investors, we can also introduce funds that are more aggressive, but these are inherently higher in the risk spectrum. Discuss your investment preference with us, so we can help you choose.

Effective 1 January 2022, the minimum investment amount in Portugal Golden Visa Funds has been increased to EUR 500,000 to be eligible for the Golden Visa. As you can see from below list, minimum investment amount in these funds begin from EUR 50,000. It is possible for the investor to split their investment across different funds depending on the investors’ risk profile and diversification strategy.

Investing in a fund provides investors following benefits

  1. Diversification: A fund invests its corpus across different eligible assets thereby providing diversification benefits to an investor, as opposed to investing in a single asset. This can further be augmented by investing in different funds with different strategies.
  2. Regulated investment: An eligible golden visa fund is regulated by Portuguese securities market regulator (CMVM)
  3. Auditor: Funds are also audited, and in some case by reputed auditors such as the Big 4 firms or BDO. This provides additional security to the investor as all activities and especially expenses carried out by the fund are audited.
  4. Investment professionals: Investment activities of the fund are carried by qualified investment professionals who have a strong acumen and superior understanding of local business environment.
  5. Lower taxes: There are no upfront taxes on investing in funds, unlike the stamp duty and property transfer tax applicable on real estate. Even distribution of income received from funds carries no or low rate of taxation compared to rental income on property.

Request investment prospectus, information about the fund manager and their track record by using the form below. You will receive information directly from the fund managers of the respective funds and they can address your queries about the funds and the investment strategy.

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Investment scope Investment location Min Investment Target annual distribution Target IRR Management Fees
Real estate debt investments. Capital preservation with reasonable return strategy. Portugal EUR 100,000 Net 3% Net 3% 2%
Mostly residential real estate projects, with some commercial sector exposure (such as hospitality, logistics, retail & tech). Target capital preservation. Portugal & EU EUR 200,000 Net 3% Net 3% 0.5%
Diversified logistics & storage facilities. Portugal & major European cities EUR 150,000 Net 3 to 4% Net 7% 1%
Real estate investments including in hospitality, retail, residential and retirement assets. Portugal & US EUR 50,000 Net 3% Net 10% 1.75%
Startup companies with solid R&D, innovative and cutting edge technology. Cash flow positive companies Portugal EUR 250,000 NA Net 15-20% 2%
New construction projects, renovation projects, Green Feld, high-end market residential and hospitality. Portugal EUR 50,000 Distribution from year 5 to 7 Net 8% 0.5%
Commercial real estate Portugal EUR 250,000 Net 2 - 3% Net 5-6% 1.25%
Residential & Development assets Portugal, other major European cities and US EUR 100,000 Net 3% Net 7-8% 1.5%
Hotels, apart-hotels, serviced-apartments and co-living concepts. Portugal and other major European cities
- Senior Tranche EUR 200,000 Net 2.5% Net 3% 1.6%
- Junior Tranche EUR 500,000 NA Net 7-8% 1.6%