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How to get PR in Portugal?

We want to address the most common question we were asked by our Indian clients in 1st quarter of 2022. How to get PR in Portugal for Indian citizens? In this blog, we discuss pathways to Portugal PR for non-EU citizen.

To be eligible to apply for Portugal PR, the applicant should have maintained legal residency in Portugal for at least 5 years. Non-EU citizens, including Indian citizens require a valid visa to reside in Portugal. The cheapest way to obtain a valid residence visa in Portugal is to get an employment contract, from an employer who is willing to sponsor your work visa. Unfortunately, it is not easy for non-EU citizens to land a job in Portugal or in the EU as a foreign worker.

In this blog, we discuss three alternatives to a work visa, which provide valid residence permits to applicants to live in Portugal. After maintaining residency in Portugal for 5 years, applicants are eligible to apply for Portugal PR or even better, a Portuguese citizenship if they desire to do so.

Portugal Golden Visa or Portugal Investment Visa

Portugal Golden Visa, also known as the Portugal Investment Visa or in other words, ARI, is a residence permit granted for investment activity, which allows the investor to maintain temporary residence in Portugal by living only 7 days in a year or 14 days in a block of two years. The investor is required to complete an eligible investment to apply for the ARI. Investment amount begins from EUR 280,000. More details about Portugal Golden Visa can be found here. Portugal Golden Visa also allows the investor to bring family members to Portugal under family reunification procedure. After maintaining this special residency for 5 years, the investor and family members can apply for Portugal PR or Portuguese citizenship, depending on their requirements.

Portugal Entrepreneur Visa or D2 Visa

Portugal Entrepreneur Visa or D2 Visa is meant for applicants who are keen to setup their business in Portugal and immigrate to Portugal to run their business. Freelancers can apply for the D2 Visa as well, if they are able to establish that they have valid contracts with sufficient annual contract value so that they can justify to the immigration authorities that they have reasonable financial means to provide for themselves and their family members, while in Portugal. Alternatively, entrepreneurs can setup a new business in Portugal, by setting up a new corporate entity and submitting realistic business plans that can convince the immigration authorities about the intention and the capability of the applicant to run the business. The applicant can bring family members to Portugal. This route is suited to individuals who are keen to relocate to Portugal and start residing therein upon the visa being granted. Like the Portugal Investment visa, D2 visa too can culminate into PR or citizenship after 5 years.

Passive income visa or Portugal D7 Visa

D7 visa is suited to individuals looking to live in Portugal, while having access to passive income, such as retirement income or pension, rent from properties (located outside Portugal), interest from savings account or fixed deposits or dividends. The Passive Income Visa, is a temporary Residence Permit valid for a period of 2 years, renewed for periods of 3 years. The visa condition requires the applicant to stay at least 6 months every year in Portugal.

Annual amount of income required to apply for the visa depends of the number of family members looking to live in Portugal. Write to us for more details.

If you are keen to apply for work permit in Portugal, we wish you good luck with your job applications. If you wish to apply for Portugal Golden Visa, D2 visa or D7 visa, click here to book a consultation with us! We would love to hear from you on what’s your preferred pathway to Portugal PR.

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