Grenada Golden Visa

Grenada Golden Visa and E-2 US Visa

Interested in an investment that allows for flexibility, travel, and growth opportunities? Grenada golden visa is a good choice for people with the capital to invest and build their future. With  Grenada citizenship, you can open up new opportunities, including potentially living the American dream.


What is the Grenada Golden Visa?

Grenada Golden visa or in other words, Grenada citizenship by investment, has become one of the top citizenship investment programs since 2013 thanks to its many advantages and low investment costs. This visa is available to those with the required funds and who would like to obtain a (second) Grenadian passport.


Requirements for Grenada Golden Visa

There are two investment pathways that you can take if you want to get a Grenada Golden Visa:

  1. In the National Transformation Fund, a minimum investment of USD 150,000 is required, or
  2. Real estate acquisition for a minimum amount of USD 220,000.

Click here to read about the benefits of the Grenada Golden Visa program. The applicant must be at least 18 years old, in good health, and have no criminal record. All you need to do is find a marketing agent, prepare your document, wait for the due diligence process and make an investment.

However, you cannot apply yourself for the Grenada Golden Visa; you have to find a local agent in Grenada who can do this on your behalf. It is impossible to contact the agent directly, so you must also find an authorized representative. Your authorized representative and the local agent will work together to process your golden visa application. My Golden Pass can help you with your Grenada Golden visa application process to make it as easy and smooth as possible.

EB5 Vs E-2: Which One Is Faster For Indians and Other Nationalities


Since 1989, Grenada has been an E-2 Treaty country. Citizens of Grenada are eligible for the E-2 visa. The E-2 visa allows individuals to move to the United States to invest and run a business. This can serve as a great alternative to the EB-5 visa.

There is no time limit on E-2 visas, and they can be renewed indefinitely while the business continues to operate. Under 21-year-old dependent children can also join their parents in America.

In general, processing times for E-2 visas are very short, sometimes as little as one month. The E-2 visa program allows companies to expand or establish a presence in the United States quickly and effectively. During the pending EB-5 visa application process, many clients have chosen to pursue an E-2 visa as a way to live and work in the United States. Due to the high demand for EB-5 visas, some countries are experiencing longer “retrogression” delays than others. By obtaining E-2 visas, you can reduce wait times.

The E-2 visa is referred to as the next best thing to permanent residency in the United States, since they can be obtained through self-employment, and they can be extended indefinitely. Furthermore, there are no annual limits on the number of E-2 visas that can be issued to qualified applicants. The process of obtaining an E-B5 visa, on the other hand, takes up to 6 months and requires a considerable investment. The wait is longer for some nationalities (including Indians). As per US Department of State – Visa Bulletin August 2020, EB5 investment visa I-526 processing time is estimated to take over 2 years.  Having a Grenada golden visa, however, allows you to move to the United States with your family and start working a lot quicker.

A Grenada passport and citizenship grant the visa-free holder travel to 141 destinations worldwide, including the Schengen Area, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Russia, and China, one of only five countries with visa-free travel.


Final Thoughts

For investors and the general community, the Grenada Golden Visa opens new doors of opportunity. And can help you maximize your opportunities by assisting in your  Grenada Golden Visa application.

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