From 7th October 2023, direct investment in real estate does not qualify for Portugal Golden Visa. Please book a consultation with us for alternative options.

Qualifying Properties for Portugal Golden Visa 280k Category

To be eligible for the Portugal Golden Visa program under the EUR 280k option, properties must meet specific criteria that ensure their qualification. These requirements include:

1. Age and Location: The property should have a construction age of at least 30 years or be situated in a designated rehabilitation area. This ensures that older properties or those in need of renovation can qualify.

2. Low-Density Regions: The property must be located in a region with a low population density, characterized by less than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or a per capita GDP lower than 75% of the national average. This encourages investment in less densely populated areas.

To apply for the Golden Visa in Portugal, the acquisition price of the property, along with any rehabilitation costs, must total at least EUR 280,000. The law does not set a minimum value specifically for rehabilitation work, allowing flexibility in determining the amount invested in property restoration. For example, the rehabilitation cost could be EUR 30k or even EUR 100k. As long as the total investment, including the property purchase price and rehabilitation expenses, exceeds the EUR 280k threshold, the investment requirement is met.

Portugal Golden Visa 280K FAQs

1. Is it possible to purchase any property above EUR 280k and apply for the Golden Visa?
No, the property must meet specific conditions to qualify for the Golden Visa. It is advisable to engage a lawyer to ensure compliance of the property and proposed rehabilitation works with the legal requirements.

2. What are the advantages of selecting the EUR 280k property category?
Choosing the EUR 280k property category provides a more affordable entry point compared to higher investment thresholds. These properties often boast picturesque locations, offering a high quality of life, attractive rental potential, and the possibility of property appreciation.

3: What risks are associated with investing in EUR 280k projects for the Golden Visa in Portugal?
Projects falling within the EUR 280k category are typically located in non-urban areas of Portugal. In the event of a real estate downturn, these projects may be more susceptible to market impacts compared to prime locations such as Lisbon and Porto.

4. Can I invest in a residential property valued at EUR 280k and apply for Portugal Golden Visa?
Yes, depending on the property’s location, you can choose a residential, commercial, or agricultural property to apply for the Golden Visa under the EUR 280k option.

Portugal Golden Visa 350K

According to the law, the Portugal Golden Visa program allows for the acquisition of properties that meet certain criteria. To qualify for the golden visa, the property must meet one of the following conditions:

1. The property’s construction must have been concluded at least 30 years ago.

2. The property is located in an area designated for urban rehabilitation, and rehabilitation works are carried out on the acquired real estate.

In either case, the total investment amount must be equal to or higher than EUR 350,000.

Investors also have the option to invest in commercial properties located in Lisbon and Porto, as long as the property costs at least EUR 350k. In these popular locations, some preferred investment options include hotel projects and serviced apartment projects that come with a pre-defined annual rental.

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Lisbon Hotel

  • Investment amount: EUR 350,000
  • Guaranteed return: 3% pa (net)
  • Guaranteed buyback after 6 years at entry price
  • IMT and VAT paid by the developer
  • Free 7 days stay per year at hotel for investor and family
  • 5-star hotel project

Lisbon Palace Hotel

  • Investment amount: EUR 350,000
  • Guaranteed return: 4.5% pa (net) for 5 years. (Paid upfront), 3% from the 6th year
  • IMT and VAT paid by developer
  • Guaranteed buyback at the end of 7th year at entry price
  • Free 10 days stay per year at hotel for investor and family
  • 5-star boutique hotel

Algarve - Portimao Hotel

  • Investment amount: EUR 280,000
  • Guaranteed buyback after 6 years at entry price
  • IMT and VAT paid by the Developer.
  • Free 7 days stay per year at hotel for investor and family.
  • 5-star hotel project

Residential Apartments - Grandola

  • Investment amount: EUR 280,000 onwards
  • Freehold apartments and full ownership
  • Direct train connectivity to Lisbon
  • Estimated return: 3% pa net fixed, or flexible short-term rental possible
  • Swimming pool, Gardens and Private parking
  • T1 and T2 configuration

Serviced Apartments - Lisbon

  • Investment amount: EUR 350,000+
  • Guaranteed rental of 5% pa for 5 years
  • Prime location, affluent neighbourhood
  • Freehold serviced apartment
  • Studio and 1 bedroom configuration

Porto serviced apartments

  • Investment amount: EUR 350,000 onwards
  • Guaranteed rental of 4% p.a
  • Centrally located in Porto, 15 minutes from the airport, and close to universities and downtown
  • Studio to T3 apartment configuration, plus parking spots and storage units available
  • Freehold serviced apartments

Vilamoura – Algarve

  • Investment amount: EUR 280,000+
  • Freehold apartments and full ownership
  • Located in the heart of Algarve, a region famous for tourism and preferred residence for expats
  • Guaranteed return: 3% pa for 5 years
  • T1 configuration

Residential Apartments - Comporta

  • Investment amount: EUR 280,000 onwards
  • Gated condos in Grandola, 20 mins from Comporta
  • Freehold apartments and full ownership
  • Optional 1-yearfixed return: 3% pa net
  • Lagoon pool and Gym onsite
  • Studio, T1 and T2 configuration

Alcacer do Sal

  • Investment amount: EUR 280,000
  • 2-bedroom apartments
  • Suitable for self-use as well as long term rental
  • Proximity to beaches of Comporta. Short drive from Lisbon

Lagos Hotel (Algarve)

  • Investment amount: EUR 400,000 onwards
  • Freehold hotel apartments
  • Fixed net rental of 7% pa to 10% pa.
  • 14 days stay every year for the investor
  • Optional buyback between year 5 to 7

Villas - Lisbon

  • Investment amount: EUR 375,000 onwards
  • Touristic license
  • Guaranteed return: 3-6% pa net depending on the villa
  • Freehold ownership and managed living
  • Option to rent through operator or self-usage

Office property - Lisbon

  • Investment amount: EUR 360,000
  • Estimated rental: 6% p.a.
  • 59 sqm
  • 5 rooms, 2 bathrooms
  • Semi equipped kitchen, furnished
  • 7 minutes from Lisbon city centre

Shop - Lisbon

  • Investment amount: EUR 350,000
  • Fixed rental: 4% p.a. for 5 years
  • 52 sqm
  • Located in a traditional neighbourhood in the heart of Lisbon city centre.

Alcacer Hotel

  • Investment amount: EUR 280,000
  • 4-star hotel - International brand
  • Guaranteed Buyback after 6 years
  • Upfront return of EUR 30,000
  • IMT and VAT paid by developer
  • Excellent location, proximity to Lisbon
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